Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last Stand

Current mood: nerdy
can someone please tell me why i want to see the new x-men movie so badly? i didn't act this way when superman came out, or batman, or wonderwoman. and no, it's not because halle barry is in it; not entirely at least. i think. hm...

and for whatever reason, this woman drives me so absolutely and subtely wild with desire i say 'arch your neck; close your eyes. shine your hair. drop your hands. YES! you've become a venus, a woman, and i am entirely at your feet. you've done it but with grace nonwithstanding. amazing--this is the construction of fantasy.'

Ah, y'all, just my point Ballo...our fantasies are fabrications of reality molded into an experience we control...dress this way, look that way, do this thing. comics i think are the ultimate fantasy source...or at least they were...for boys who want to fight things and be heros and save cities and get girls. better than books, cause they're pow-bam-kazoom instant, or just to escape from a mundane life of school, parents and restrictions. sexual fantasy plays out as we get older, and the reality of our restrictions begins to irk us. the feeling of control of circumstances and scenarios is intoxicating. it was just interesting how marvel plays up on fantasy not just in their storylines but in the characters they create.
But then again, maybe i'm full of shit...ha! thanks faith, alex...

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