Saturday, May 6, 2006

Yuppie Field Trip

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so, my date this afternoon was...interesting. i met this woman for coffee at Colombe on main st. the only thing that really made me nervous was that in an email the previous day, she wrote that she would call me on my 'sell' phone.. i'm a believer that the usage of grammar says a lot about a person. and when you think about it, with all this online stuff and dating services and whatnot, the only other thing besides a picture you have to go on sometimes is what (and how) someone writes. but whatever. maybe it was a funny real estate pun. however, in getting caught up with grammar i apparently overlooked the part about her having an eleven year old daughter. woops.

but it was a nice day. we walked along main street and talked. we made fun of the catholic young adult group in center city we both used to go to and talked about our conversions. it was actually really nice to talk with someone who was in a similar place in the church as i am. then she said that she loves SUVs and spent 45 minutes in Pottery Barn shopping for pillows. oi.

anyway, i asked her if she wanted to go to mass in germantown tonight but she had stuff to do so we parted ways and i decided to go to st. lucy's on green st. instead of going all the way up to the shrine (our temporary home until the cracking dome at st. vincent's can get fixed).

st. lucy's was a big open generic church, and there weren't many people there, mostly aging couples and old ladies. hearing the squabbling between the old couple in the pew in front of me over some thing, i looked up and took stock. about 8 pews up was a woman with a huge ass and her husband with a grey military hair cut. then another couple, same general deal. then the older folks. and i could not help thinking how the FUCK do people survive living thirty-forty-fifty years under the same roof with each other. in the same bed. going to the same church. together. every sunday. experiencing passionate relationships cooling over the years into dinner table discussions about what color to wallpaper the bathroom, or dropping casual comments about butterball turkey being on sale at the Acme because what else are you going to talk about. i was reading an article in the inquirer today about married people who live in separate houses. i think that's bullshit. but then again, from the time i was 10 years old my dad would tell me (usually after a fight with my mom) "robbie don't ever get married. things kind of end when you do." of course he didn't really mean it. but the compromise bit, that was a hard one to swallow, and it still is, for everyone i'm sure. but apparently coupling up outweighs any downsides of marriage or so many people wouldn't be going for it. fuck if i'm driving an Expedition though.

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