Friday, October 12, 2007

Bone, Thugs, and Memories

I'm not a huge fan of hip hop; what I do like I'm pretty selective about.

I'm indebted to my brother for introducing me to one of my favorite rap groups, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It doesn't have as much to do with their music, though (though I am a big fan of their roll style). BTNH is just a box carrying a lot of good memories I have of growing up with my brother at a time when he was becoming a new person, slipping away into autonomy. I could care less how silly these scraps of memory are that I hold onto: lying on the carpet cracking up when Bizzy Bone and Silly Bone and all the other Bones would spit about Cleavland and their daily life on tracks like "Shoot Em Up," "Fuck da Police," and "Foe the Love of Money": waking up and being high, smoking reefer, rolling dubs, selling dimes, smoking that get the point.

In all honesty, "First of the Month" is one of my ultimate feel-good songs...not just because it reminds me of my brother, but because it really does invoke that great feeling of summertime when you don't have shit to do and can concern yourself with driving around Cleveland "sipping on forty ounces" with friends, cashing your check on the first of the month, "getting a bag of dope and a quarter roll" and riding high. Whether you're rolling blunts or going to the public pool is besides the point. Being carefree--if only for a night--is a real blessing.

I miss my brother. And I'm glad nothing is sacred to a writer. Because when Krayzie Bone pulls up and spits something like, "Bone in the muthafuckin' house for the nine-quat, nigga," and offers me a ride to spend a few minutes with my brother, I'm grateful, and graciously accept.

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