Saturday, October 6, 2007

it's fall...time to grow up

while most of my friends are graduating from myspace and moving on to facebook, i've decided to step up to the world of grown-up blogging, thanks to the inspiration of an enchanting, beautiful, alluring catholic convert writer, whose blog i just happened to run across while searching for a certain photograph of thomas merton as a child. from the pictures on her site, she looked like she could be in her mid to late thirties. i thought to myself, 'older babes don't go for guys on myspace.' so i thought it might be high time to move on to something like this. hope to see you around often!


Rebecca said...

i find it extremely amusing that you are blogging to attract women. hope it works; i'm sure the more seasoned women of the world will appreciate it.

robthefob said...

LOL! me too, i guess. though i thought i was being facetious!