Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's fun to revisit the past sometimes. My dad was going through some of our old school things this evening and pulled out a story I wrote in 6th grade about a man stranded in Vietnam. My brother was surprised to read the dedication on the inside (and even laughed a little):

I dedicate this to all the brave soldiers

of the disastrous [sic] Vietnam War.

I would like to thank the makers of

"Born on the Forth [sic] of July"

for inspiring me.

In the "About the Author" section, I listed writing as "my number one hobbie [sic]" and said that one of my goals for the future was biking to Atlantic City with my dad ("that would be neat").

I've heard it said that we fully reincarnate aproximately every seven years. If that's the case then I'm reading the work of a person who lived two generations prior to the one I am living now. While his work bears my name, and his features resemble mine, we are not the same person, and we never were.

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