Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Living Words, Rotting Books

Doing research on the internet this evening at the coffee shop, an advertisement for the Nano Bible (the Bible You Can Wear!) showed up. I clicked on it--it is a crystal cross inscripted with the entire Bible (thanks to nanotechnology). I thought there might be some kind of magnifying glass to go with it but no, it seems the comfort comes from simply "having the Bible with you" at all times.

I imagine this is the Protestant equivalent of Catholics having crystal rosaries hanging from their car windows. Both are ridiculous in my opinion. The Bible is not something to be trapped in a piece of jewelry--it is the Living Word. I see people sometimes with leather-bound bibles in zippered cases, carried around for quick reference or for reading on the bus. Good on them. Catholics obviously honor the Bible, but are not traditionally sola scriptura "Bible People" in the Protestant sense. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't read a Bible, you may as well use it as a paperweight. There's no sacrilege there (your superstitious grandmother who told you it was a sin to place another book on top of a Bible is more off base). As all writers know, words are dead until they are brought to life.

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