Friday, December 21, 2007

Prayer for the Evening

I wanted to sit with you in the dark stillness this evening
but I decided to get Chinese food.

I spend more time checking my email
than I do talking to you.

The season is beginning to wear on me--
instead of drinking I take naps. Every day.

My shadows--my sheets--have been chased away like grouse
by compact fluorescents claiming to be the sun.

There is nowhere to cry. But even in the darkness
my tears are like kidney stones--

craving the pain of birth
like an infected placenta.

I was going to joke that my face got a vasectomy,
but there's no climax (not even a dry one) to indulge in.

December is tying up its loose ends;
January is looking like an listless civil servant.

We've been married for almost ten years now--
isn't this how things go to shit?

1 comment:

Michael said...

I love you Rob. This is good.