Friday, January 4, 2008

Nip, Tuck

Everyone's mania is different. Mine lead me to think in an extremely intense analytical fashion, sharply logical...and yet, totally irrational judging from the outside. In my head, of course, everything made perfect sense and it was just a matter of keeping the 547 ideas, patents, and poetic inspirations buzzing around sorted. This is called "Bizzarro World."

Reason is the antithesis to emotion; a gradient scale exists between the two, with each on its respective pole. Their relationship is inverse: the more emotional one is, the less rational they may be considered. Hm, maybe rational isn't the best word. How about 'analytical?'

During this month-long sojourn through Bizzarro World, I was operating in full-blown rational mode; emotion became like an evicted tenant. I still experienced feelings of elation and joy, as well as others. But I was not using these emotions in my decision making processes, at all. It was making life so pleasant. Chaotic, but pleasant. Because emotions are very exhausting. Maybe this new toned-down life isn't so bad afterall. It was like going to get that surgery where they take your fat from your ass and 'even it out' across various parts of your body: my emotions were being slapped indiscriminately in various areas of the body. As long as they stayed away from the head, Reason had no reason to bother with them.

Quote for the Day:

"Writing is everything, unconditional. There is no separation between writing, life, and the mind. If you think big enough to let people eat cars, you will be able to see that ants are elephants and men are women. You will be able to see the transparency of all forms so that all separations disappear."
--Natalie Goldberg

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Charity said...

You write very well.