Monday, February 18, 2008

Five Minutes of Thought

It's been a while since my last exercise routine. Now that I'm at Starbucks procrastinating...why not now? Nothing added, nothing subtracted, tidied up after. Like the sugar in my coffee: Experience-in-the-Raw.

[Start] 8:40p

A flood let the torrents open in a dark place of the mind--place in a dark alley. I will fly to the moon on a 48 volt battery that i sold my soul for. When i sip, i will be in a place alone with friends l
istening to the light and the chum next to me will say, 'did you see the plate shatter against the wall? he must have been MAD!' i didn't see it, per say. When i left to go to the pastry shop, i took one of the boys with me. He asked, 'why does a tree grow up and not down?' i said Raheem, you ask too many questions which does you no good--questions are what got me here, in a chair rocking back and forth like an aggie dog basset hound and with tap-map in hand and the old coverall porch-deck moonshine whiskey willow chocolate brandy sky, i thought 'if i am under surveillance all the time, what would they see?' Did it matter? When i am with friends i am not myself. When i am working under the sun in 100 degree conditions--time so hot it makes the styrofoam atmosphere melt and drip on my slick shined bootstrap head--well you have no place to go, meatman. Sit with me and take a dread-long-look at the Jamaican blunt trip to the airport. The caravan that takes us is meandering and careens into space like a question mark flipped upside its head, like a mother smacking some sense into the mathematician who does taxes and says, 'you owe me something now.' sit down and walk into walls. I'll meet you there. But first you have to present yourself, be presentable, and not justify yourself too hard. [End] 8:45p

Quote of the Day:
--Johnny Becoate

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