Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Promise Keepers would not have me...

I've always taken Martin Luther's maxim "sin boldly" to heart. At 6:46am and 10 hours later, my 500w Kollmorgen electric assist with 24v 3500ah NIMH custom-built battery pack and micro-controller is looking to be in its final stages. Of course I wanted to try to keep from the E-projects all together this Lent; this time the rolling boulder got away from me. I hope the Lord will forgive me; resisting temptation does not seem to be one of my strong suits.

Here's the bastard child of my infidelity. I'm convinced that it will be to date the lightest, most powerful, and most discrete variable-geared, completely-encased down-tube mounted electric assist for stock bicycles available; i'll lay out a schematic when I get the chance:

Copyright 2008 R. Marco; All Rights Reserved

Viva la Revolution!


Andrew said...

So psyched to see this work!

Michelle's Spell said...

Hey Rob,

This is cool! Your post made me smile for the first time today, I swear! Hope you're getting through Lent okay.