Monday, March 10, 2008

God of the Insane

Season 4 of Lost is turning out to be incredible, very dense stuff, with a space-time continuum at the center. The effects of Desmond's prophetic disposition is discovered to be [stop reading now unless you want me to let the cat out of the bag] the ability to time-travel. One of my favorite lines in I Heart Huckabees is when Lily Tomlin asks Jason Schwartzman, "Have you ever transcended space and time?" and he answers,"Um, time not space. No, I have no idea what you're talking about."

But this idea of transcending space and time that Lost is beginning to get into does more than just pick at a ripple in the fabric of the universe: it is also touching upon a closer look at the life of the mentally ill, as illustrated by Desmond's portrayal of someone with possibly some kind of schizo-effective disorder (or possibly the ability to travel through time?)

Desmond's character was always interesting to me, esp. the fact that he spent time as a monk in Scottland at some point in his past. He spends most of the earlier episodes, in his flashbacks, assailed by a sense of calling, and weighted with the burden of recognizing it. His (and maybe John Locke's) is the most compelling portrait of all-chips-on existential cliff jumping that plays out in the very quantum-overlap I am researching, the place where psychology and mystical experience intersect; where the Mind meets the Spirit. I don't think I am the only one beginning to take note of such shifts in religious and psychological perspective.

In an effort to continue to blog and keep up with my research for the semester, I am going to be writing more blogs devoted to this subject. Hopefully you will find it interesting; if not, I am sure I will be back to writing about Sasquatch sightings and theological reflections soon enough. But I think it will help guide my research and keep me motivated and on track if I am writing thoughts out this way. And, hopefully, give some extra time to rest!

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