Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayer for the Morning

Psalm 14: Moral Code of a Good Man

"In this psalm there is a challenge for those who would enter the presence of God. The passport is a blameless life, righteousness, sincerity. If our conscience turns to almsgiving our commonsense may object (since the wish is father to the thought) that all this is taken care of by the State. Perhaps. But there is much to do that lies outside this narrow field: there is the kindness of the tongue and practical sympathy of so many kinds." --J.G.

Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful birthday wishes and gifts yesterday (esp. Jeannie's arranged private tour of the Ambler Wastewater Treatment Plant--number 2 on the "Top Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die."'re the best!) I'm not much for birthdays, but just to have people thinking of you means a lot. For those people most forgotten, this is sometimes the present most longed for...and never received.

Quote for the day:
"Eggbeaters give me an excuse to eat bacon...not that I need an excuse." --me

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