Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prayer: "I Want Everyone To Be Happy."

I want to make myself a servant unto all people.
I want to be happy.
I want to not be bored.
I want to feel comfort when I am abandoned.

When you pray the Our Father, you are professing a profound and deliberate affirmation.
You introduce yourself and ask entrance, humbly acknowledging your position as the son of the Most High God.
It is with this status and recognition that you speak.

You begin by acknowledging where you are, and bring heaven into earth through your worlds. Two separate worlds become one world for a time.

You recognize that God has a name, and it is so hallowed that it should never be brought onto the lips unless one is prepared to deal be in it.
So that time comes into Being, for a time.

You state your purpose, and reason for making yourself known.
You assume the responsibility of an expeditor;
You offer yourself as a servant unto all
And to the One who rules over all.

You acknowledge you come empty-handed and you ask one thing for today, for one day only.
And then you acknowledge that you are covered with mud, like some kind of animal.
And that your friends are covered in mud.

And you make pitches, and prove that you are not masochistic, but will take whatever path is laid out for you.
Trying to trust the words that seem to fall so easily from your lips
As if you were not so fascinated by it,
and did not want to leave.


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