Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dating is Some Kind of Purgatory

You don't realize how big an ego you have until it takes a beating in the Dating Ring. Not that I've even stepped in yet. But you can get shut down before you even have a chance to dance. Men are so goal oriented (I am no exception) that there is this painful sense of failure when you cannot get a date, or make an attempt to and get ignored, passed off, or shut down. Neurosis and insecurities start to set in. I realize women have their own burdens to bear in this game (mostly to do with appearance, since men hunt with their eyes), but they do have the upper hand in the sense that men have to produce the "burden of proof;" we have to plead our case to why you should consider dating us. In the 21st century there is still the unwritten expectation that we men have to put ourselves out there first, like drawing the short straw in a game of "You-Strip-I'll-Strip" (a game I just made up). Some men are great at it. I have to swallow a handful of Valium before I can even get the nerve to approach a girl. If you come on to strong you are a stalker. If you don't come on strong enough you don't get anywhere. It is competition for F.R. (finite resources), my number one fear, and I hate it. So much so that I want to abandon my entire six month subscription to FindaGoodCatholicWoman.com because the whole motherfucking process is just too much. And all I want to do is go out on a date with someone interesting and talk! Nothing serious! Is that too much? WTF!? ARGH!!! Men are cursed with loving women...we couldn't live without them if we tried.

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