Sunday, July 13, 2008

Two Days With the Dalai Lama

i'm posting this quick email to my parents to save retyping everything on this blog. i am so excited, it will be hard to sleep tonight! kate [and random lady from michigan] da bomb!

>>that's great! [that you are having a good time in Montreal]. well, what's going on with me is that my friend kate scored tickets for me to take a class on the Law of Dependent Origination with the DALAI LAMA at Lehigh tomorrow and tuesday. it has been a week long class, and tim has been going as well. we are going to meet up on our lunch break. A Tibetan Buddhist text was recently translated and the Dalai Lama said he would teach a class on it to Westerners in Bethlehem when it was completed; he made that commitment over a decade ago! he is a very very wise man, and funny. i went to see him in NYC a few years ago but after waiting in line for two hours because of post 9-11 security, i was only able to hear the words "thank you, bye bye," after a long series of chanting. i was glad i heard even those few words from a living, breathing bodhisattva who will probably be gone in my lifetime, but now i get to take an entire lecture with him! total stroke of good fortune. i better get to bed, ride is coming at 6:30 tomorrow. i will let you know how it all goes. have fun! love,


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