Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Hell is other people."


Anonymous said...

"Tu n'es rien d'autre que ta vie. . ." -Inès in Sartre's No Exit. There is nothing else but this life, there is no hell. It is the roles we take on as we play the games of society with others that prevent us from being true to ourselves and thus create a hell on earth in our relations to other people. Of course we have another choice, and that is to invent ourselves freely in every moment outside of the reflected idea others have of our self. Other people will always be around. It is only when we connect with our true inner self, the self we were prior to any social or circumstantial conditioning, and shed all of our ego-created "identities" that we can connect with others in an honest way, know ourselves and truly be free of hell.

robthefob said...

As a (Christian) existentialist, everything you write rings true. I still grapple with 'essence preceding existence,' it is an ongoing philosophical challenge, one that pushes me to continue searching for my authentic self. Thank you for sharing.