Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Escape from Egypt

The merciless parring down continues. The bus is finally to the point where it can be walked around in; there is room for everything. It is much easier to have it as a retreat house than a full-on home at this point, and I am looking forward to spending three days a week there soon. I am even going to construct a electricity-free refrigerator so I can have more juice for heating!

I was clearing out my file cabinent yesterday when I came across old notebooks and journals, letters, etc. I was tempted to keep them, but could not give a good reason why I should. Ekhart Tolle said, "I have no use for the past." Things that were once downstream are now upstream. If I were to turn my boat around and paddle upriver, I had better have a good reason for it.

So I put them in the recycling bin without looking at them. I have no use for the past...

Homer and Cleft Kitty being friends

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