Thursday, October 2, 2008

It Is (not) Finished.

The move was very difficult, more mentally than physically. I could not have known until I moved everything into the bus, but only about half of it all fits. The rest is piled up on the bed and in the walkway and it is virtually impossible to move around. I was forced to throw everything in in a hurry because I slept in on my move-out date, but even with careful packing it would not all fit. It actually astounds me because I do not have that much. I am going to have to go through things again and be ruthless. I will be getting rid of the refrigerator/freezer to make room for storage and replace it with a small countertop 12v model.

Being out on the street is also not very much fun, not that I expected it to be. Not all the windows are blacked out yet so I can't sleep in it or go to the bathroom with any kind of privacy. The sink is not installed, there is no room for the urinal, the rainwater catchment is not working. In short I am not ready to move into it yet, so I will be staying with a friend until I am.

My biggest goal in this project was to give a concrete example of a sustainable living solution. My thoughts were more on the building, not the actual living, and it is a hard slap of reality moving from one phase to another. Theory vs. praxis. I consider myself to have accomplished what I set out to accomplish; the living is secondary. In all honesty at this point I don't know how it is going to work out; the movitavtion to live in the bus has waned. A friend who has a locked lot in Fairmount has been generous in giving me access to park, but I can't move in for a couple weeks, so until then I can try to finish things up to get it in shape enough for habitation.

I would feel much better if I had a removed place to park so I could feel like I could sit outside without having to worry about nosy neighbors or cops. If anything I have come to better understand the plight of the poor, the transitory, refugees, victims of war, and the homeless. In my present situation I am no better than a homeless person living in a car. Having no security and nowhere permanent to lay your really is a kind of dreadful feeling. Please say some prayers that things work out in a way that gives glory to God. In all honesty, I am struggling.

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