Monday, December 29, 2008

letters to Norma

hey love,

i got hit by a car (cop car no less) a few weeks ago so i'm holed up for a bit but would love to get together when im all well and my bike is all black and sleek looking at me puppyeyed saying, "well?" i'll grab my hat off its hook and hop on and glide down ridge ave in north philly dusk like a fabulous ice skater draped in pink spandex caressing the mic at woody's singing an old rendition of "where oh where has my norma gone?" you will get up, brown and glowing and all teeth and sex "to hell with this job" you will say and we will spend the day buying hot dogs from vendor carts watching babies bundled up in itchy wool flap hats waddling and careening across frozen rittenhouse fountain carousels hit the night with a bottle and ill watch you sing, maybe...

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