Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes Man

I went to see Yes Man with Jim Carrey last night somewhat reluctantly, in a bad spot and desperate for diversion. So funny, and well written. Carl (Jim Carrey) is a 'no man;' "Carl, do you want to go out tonight?" No. "Carl, will you approve my loan (he is a loan officer)?" No. Carl... No. No. No. Carl goes to a self-help seminar--"YES is the new no." The pedaled philosophy is to stop saying 'no' to life by saying YES to any opportunity that prevents itself. It gets a little ridiculous, lots of funny scenes.

What struck me is that God, too, wants us to be YES men. Yes Lord, I will go wherever you send me. Yes Lord, I do whatever you ask of me. The saints were serious yes men and women, pedaling the gospel as an affirmative YES to life everlasting, and a firm NO to sin, whatever the circumstances. Yes Man was funny because it took YES to the extreme, throwing caution to the wind and following blindly into the uncertainty that YES promises.

When the Lord said, "quit your job," I quit. When the Lord said, "write a book," I said okay. When the Lord presented a green school bus and said, "Buy it and build it and they will come," I did, and they--press, exposure, curious bystanders--came. Now I am finding myself left out of an essential part of life--work--, dismantling the bus and donating it to charity, and struggling through writing a book that does not write itself...a lonely and rocky endeavor.

Was saying "yes" a mistake. No. I didn't know what I was getting into but when God corners you like he did me, its hard to squirm out with a "no." I don't regret any of it. But in the wake of YES, the path is not so clear where to go next. That's not part and parcel of the gospel philosophy. You need to get acquainted with uncertainty and promises and unknown roads or your YESes will soon slide into NOs.

I will make writing my work. I will trust that building the Green Ark and getting it out to the press was more purposeful than living in the contraption. I will suck up my lot and celebrate uncertainty. I took a beeting last night. But I'm back up again.

Album for the night. Morphine: "Yes"


~ jeff. said...


Thank you, so much, for what you shared. You made an excellent point, which is so fitting for starting a New Year.

Again, thank you, for the time and effort you put into your blog, and I would like to learn more about your book.

~ jeff.

Jer said...

"Get in your go kart 'n go lil sistah..."