Friday, February 13, 2009

021009 travelogues

Running into Jeannie at the airport, same 7am flight, doubletake straight out of some bad rom-com. What can this mean? Perhaps it is pure...Absurd. Poor Duncan, what a trooper picking me up in Oakland in the little Coop yesterday with two broken elbows and a sprained shoulder, squinting heroically with every shift from first to second from his bike wreck. Badass...we look like a couple of street fighters. Went to the Wharf for lunch and North Beach for coffee,City Lights, Vesuvio, then to bowery Bayview to check out Officer Gillies' bike beat. Back to the house to see Cathleen and build up the 66cc bike engine, pick up some 2 stroke oil tomorrow and get the badboy on the road. Grateful for my little SF hermitage back here, 10'x30', sliding glass front, little bathroom, little bedroom, heater, a perfect place to oray and meditate and write and drink tea, sitting in 4am darkness, sleeping houses and gray washed sky, waiting to be born with the dawn...

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