Saturday, February 7, 2009


I caught myself jotting down some dialogue in class the other night, not realizing that I was the one speaking: "I fully expect to spend the rest of my life alone, and would be pleasantly surprised if it were in fact to the contrary." Oi. Honestly, it is one of the greatest mysteries to me how people find each other, fall in love, live together, stay together, raise children, grow old together, not kill each other, not kill short, how we survive, together, as well as alone, and be healthy. I am sure Providence is at work.

I am able to type with my healing hand now, though the fingers are still shifted to the right and my hand looks more like a claw. The scars are wicked. I saw my doctor this week for my shoulder. She says it is healing well, despite my stupid ass moving a refrigerator by myself a month ago and pulling loose the screw connecting the clavicle to the shoulder. It is a big screw, and I can't wait to have it taken out, but that's won't be til the beginning of March, since I am going to San Francisco next week for a week. My friend Duncan out there also just crashed on his bike and broke his elbow and sprained his shoulder, so we will be a couple of gimps together. He and his wife have a guesthouse so I will have my own place to just drink coffee and write and nap and relax. Duncan ordered a 80cc bicycle engine kit on my recommendation, and I am going to build it up when I get out there. 35+mph, 120-150mpg, EPA approved, $130. How could you not get one of these things?

I got called back for a second interview at Niagara University in New York for a position in campus ministry, and so will be traveling up there in a couple weeks. It is a small school, and I'm a little nervous about that. But I need a job, and campus ministry is really where my heart lies. I feel like its time for a move, but this is not exactly the area I had in mind (Niagara Falls). We will have to see. I am still hoping something might come through at Rosemont, so I could stay in Philly. I also applied to Ohio State for an opening there, which would be just like days at PSU. That could be a good or bad thing.

I have senioritis. I have a twenty page paper to write on sex-trafficking in the former Soviet Union, and have a lot of prep to do to prepare for my comprehensive exams. But I don't want to do any of it. No good excuse, either. In the words of Daniel Johnston: "I'm laaazy....oh yeah."

I have been taking a break from the book. I have writer's constipation...nothing is coming out. I am working on some side projects...wrote a fiction piece called "Endless Kinhan" and a 3 act play called "Breaking" which I may try to send off to some literary magazines (ah, lit mags) so they can tell me they aren't interested.

This has been a rough winter. I can't wait for spring.

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