Tuesday, May 26, 2009

comment to andy jones (frames of figure and ground)

"a retired australian boxer told me about the sport in thailand: 'if you're enjoying it you're not doing it right.' i think that's true for boxing...not necessarily true for writing. let's be compassionate with ourselves, maybe be flexible...say, four-five days a week vs. every day? shit, you had three views today holmes. somebody is reading your jawn, including me. i have been away most weekends, so you're not the only one not writing every day. but remember anne lammot's 'one inch picture frame': all you have to do is write what will fit in a 1" picture frame. and remember muhammad ali's poem, the shortest in the world, and very profound: Me We. you have been writing long entries. try short ones. say everything you want to say for the day in two or three lines. you will find writing then becomes more conscious, less wasteful...and possibly less intimidating. remember to write shit every now and agian. shit is good for the soil."

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