Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's Small-Space Garden Time!

This is year one of patio gardening at Debbie's. We have four pepper plants, threee cucumber plants, sixteen bean plants, eight winter squash plants, and fiften tomato plants (twelve of which are Italian "tomato tree" plants). We got a lattice at Lowes to do "vertical growing." The tight spacing is based on the French Intensive method and modified for containers. The bigger pots are companion-planted. We're hoping to have twice as many plants next year so we can live (for a week or so, at least) on what we grow. It's been a lot of work getting dirt from my parents' house and compost from the Fairmount Park recycling center, but it will be worth it come fall. Now they just need water. We also started a compost bin in the driveway. I am excited!

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reginaterrae said...

Congrats! I am a HUGE believer in grow-your-own, the process is as good for the spirit as the product is for the body.

One little bit of advice: 8 winter squash plants, wow. They can get very rampant. I imagine them totally overtaking your space. But if you can make an overhead arbor for them to grow on, it will make a nice shady space to put a couple chairs under. Heavy squashes grown vertically like that can be supported by slipping them into a nylon stocking and tying it to the trellis/arbor, so they don't break off the vine.

Best luck, happy harvest!