Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I reconfigured the 'garden'...to allow more room for the tomatoes to flourish, and because this area gets more sun. The four pepper plants are planted individually and line the south side by the gate. Four tomato plants planted individually line the second south side (on the left), the rest are the big pots full of beans, squash, and cucumber. The tomato trees will be compliment planted in these pots as well, two to a pot, in about two weeks when the seedlings are mature. And this way, the beans, cucumbers, and squash can climb up the fence and cascade down the other side, 10' down to the driveway.

If God was a gardener, he would garden much differently from me. Rather than focusing on maximizing yields and having everything edible and constantly moving and transplanting seedlings, God would plan, plant, and wait patiently, everything would produce its yield, and it would be pretty too, and much more varied. He would not be constantly thinking about the plants or ways to 'get more out of them' or controlling them, placing them here and there, but would be content to let nature do the work. His way is slow and steady. My way is...less so. So gardening has become a spiritual discipline. My whole spiritual life has always been a curvy line, a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the next...anxious, impatient, unbridled, defiant. It never ceases to amaze me how all food, all trees and plants and flowers...arise from a single seed. Nature is truly a miracle worker.

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reginaterrae said...

God has a whole world to garden in, friend. You are doing a good thing with your little patio.