Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall From Grace

Tiger Woods has had quite a fall from grace, losing sponsors, etc., as a result of his recently exposed infidelity--ie, 'moral failing.' It amazes me how people who can climb so high on the corporate/political/career/achievement ladder can fall so far. I guess it shouldn't surprise me; it is simple physics.

St. John Climacus in 'The Ladder of Divine Ascent,' as well as the Desert Fathers, warned of the treacherous downfall of those would-be saints who had ascended to such spiritual heights, only to fall from the rungs due to pride. Pride is the antithesis of humility, the necessary pre-requisite for salvation, and humility gives birth to compunction--true sorrow for our offenses against God. I try to keep this in mind when I forget how to please God.

The spiritual path is a dangerous path...to think of all the years spent struggling and sweating, only to be brought down in the blink of an eye! Fame and power, in my mind, seem to facilitate the opportunity for such a dizzying descent. What did Chris Rock say about a man being as faithful as his options? We've all made mistakes, and Tiger Woods is not exempt, no matter how good he is at golf. But "to much who is given, much is expected." And how much more the rich, famous, and powerful have to lose in the game of life!

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