Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Waiting Room

As I am applying for jobs, I am finding one emotion constantly recurring: hope. Obama capitalized on this during his run for president, and as Harvey Milk said, "you gotta give 'em hope." It's something that keeps us going. Whenever I see a job posting, sitting so helpless and far removed from the administrative powers-that-be, I imagine the possibilities. Whenever I have an interview, I hope to be offered a position. Fingers crossed, etc.

The disciples of Jesus waged their bets and put their hopes on Jesus. When he died on a cross, it took three days for him to make good on his promise. How long those three days must have been. Hope is a waiting game.

As I sit waiting to hear back about a job, I am in that hope-land limbo of wanting to believe the best, but more comfortable with imagining the worst. It is an emotional roller coaster putting your hopes in possibility, only to have it dashed in front of you. Sometimes I'd rather not hope at all. But who knows...something might come out of it. There's nothing to do now but wait. You gotta give them hope.

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